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Iono PiのI/Oをいじる その1:環境導入

Iono PiにはI/Oをいじる公式のライブラリが用意されています。



$ git clone --recursive
$ cd iono-pi-c-lib
$ sudo chmod +x build
$ sudo ./build
$ iono
usage: iono <command>

   -v              Print the version number of the ionoPi library
   led on          Turn on the green LED
   led off         Turn off the green LED
   o<n> open       Open relay output o<n> (<n>=1..4)
   o<n> close      Close relay output o<n> (<n>=1..4)
   oc<n> open      Open open collector oc<n> (<n>=1..3)
   oc<n> close     Close open collector oc<n> (<n>=1..3)
   di<n>           Print the state ("high" or "low") of digital input di<n> (<n>=1..6)
   di<n> -f        Print the state of digital input di<n> now and on every change
   ai<n>           Print the voltage value (V) read from analog input ai<n> (<n>=1..4)
   ai<n> -r        Print the raw value read from the A/D converter's channel corresponding
                   to analog input ai<n> (<n>=1..4)
   1wire bus       Print the list of device IDs found on the 1-Wire bus
   1wire bus <id>  Print the temperature value (°C) read from 1-Wire device <id>
   1wire ttl<n>    Print temperature (°C) and humidity (%) values read from the
                   MaxDetect 1-Wire sensor on TTL<n> (<n>=1..4)
   wiegand <n>     Wait for data to be available on Wiegand interface <n> (<n>=1|2)
                   and print number of bits and value read
   wiegand <n> -f  Continuously print number of bits and value read from Wiegand
                   interface <n> whenever data is available